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New Year’s!

This week, I received the following question from http://foodpicker.org

I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and my wife has pre-diabetes.  New Year’s Eve we always have a large celebration with cocktails and lots of food.  We are growing weary of the party this year given my new diagnosis.  Any tips on how we can still enjoy the party? -James R.

New Years can always be an easy time to over indulge. There are too many excuses to have plenty of high calorie drinks paired with high calorie finger foods. However, don’t let the temptations slow you down from having fun with friends!

When attending a New Years party, have your own meal before going. If you go to a party filled with calorie temptations on a ravenous stomach, you are not going to be able to hold yourself back. It’s just not realistic. So, go to the party after a light dinner and you will be much less tempted to eat. Leave yourself a little room for dessert or a little room for your favorite finger food. Just remember, don’t over indulge.

I definitely emphasize this point on a regular basis. Yes, treat yourself a little bit, but overindulgence is your enemy. Let yourself have a light drink. If possible, even try to avoid the alcohol at all costs. If that isn’t an option, because it is New Year’s Eve after all, go for a small glass of wine (about 120 calories) or liquor with club soda/diet drink. There are easy ways to keep your calories in check by avoiding calorie-laden alcohol drinks.

Have fun, don’t deprive yourself of being around friends and family during the holidays. You can find a balance! Good luck and Happy New Year!


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